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What is Email Designer?

Email Designer is a web-based service that facilitates custom-made newsletters. It allows users to easily create and send stylish email newsletters to customers and clients. The newsletter program also provides users with real-time reports on campaign statistics including opens, clicks and bounces.

Email newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your current and future customers and can be a huge benefit for any business.  Consistent, compelling, and original content as often as you want, with the look and feel of a professional ad agency will help you stand apart from your competition.

When running a small business, we know that the tendency is to do it all yourself. After all, that’s how you have achieved success so far.  The problem with that is an effective and consistent email newsletter campaign can take a lot of time, time you can use to build and manage your business.  Compiling a list for your target audience, writing article content, adding images, and measuring its overall effectiveness can be quite a chore.

Email Designer is THE solution that can get you back to focusing on building your business and your brand. Our award-winning team of marketers and graphic designers can assist you in the determination of the right email design, create effective content, imagery and sendoff.  Upon sendoff, our Response Tracking and Data Analysis feature will help you track all aspects of your email newsletter including open rates, click through rates, link tracking, and more!

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What Our Clients Are Saying
Email designer has been revolutionary in how we communicate t o our constituency base. It is easy, effective, and has a very low learning curve. It literally worked for us within the first minutes of implementation. I’m grateful to the professionals at Email Designer for suggesting to us a tool that allows us to communicate to our clients and fanbase with the touch of a button. I wish I would have had this tool years ago. Thanks Email Designer!
Jeff Lockhart
Crème Tangerine