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Email Designer is a web-based service that includes everything you need to manage your email marketing and communications from start to finish. It's user friendly interface allows you to create and send stylish html email newsletters in a matter of minutes. Email Designer also helps you incorporate your companies branding elements through a custom designed stationary that matches your website. Email Designer is a division of Clocktower Media, a Seattle web design, web development and web marketing firm.

Why Use Email Designer?

  • With Email Designer's audience features, you'll easily organize and manage your audience members while you grow your audience the right way.
  • With Email Designer's campaign features, you'll easily create stylish campaigns and let Email Designer's engine and relationships help you get great results.
  • With Email Designer's response features, you'll see how your audience members responded and use that knowledge to create more effective campaign.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Email designer has been revolutionary in how we communicate t o our constituency base. It is easy, effective, and has a very low learning curve. It literally worked for us within the first minutes of implementation. I’m grateful to the professionals at Email Designer for suggesting to us a tool that allows us to communicate to our clients and fanbase with the touch of a button. I wish I would have had this tool years ago. Thanks Email Designer!
Jeff Lockhart
Crème Tangerine